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Alberti Design first produced violin making tools in the early 1980s to fill the needs of a few professional makers and restorationists who were, notably, frustrated by the lack of precise, durable and easily adjustable tuning peg shapers. Recently, as a weekend student of restoration myself, and mentored by the workshop of Robert Cauer, I have had the opportunity to closely observe the whole range of work from production set up to complex restoration. I have spent the last three years, as time permits, designing and prototyping tools to make the work of professionals much more productive, and difficult work attempted by the inexperienced possible. These tools are now used daily in the Cauer workshop as well as by many other fine restoration shops, violin makers and bow makers. More prototype tools are being tested in these workshops and will be added to our line as they are perfected and proven in use.

Our cello endpins follow the same objectives as our tools, and provide both for the deficiencies in the function of existing endpins and the need for a more efficient fitting system for the workshop.

Having over thirty years experience in prototype work, design, model making and small scale manufacturing, we are tool users as well as tool makers and, although our instrument tool business was established purely to enjoy the connections between craftsmanship, tradition and the arts, we stand firmly behind the quality and utility of everything we produce

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