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Alchemist® Mediums is the by-product of nearly three decades of research and extensive experimentation working from historical manuscripts on the arts of painting and related crafts.
We have been making historical painting mediums and amber varnishes under the trade name of Alchemist since 1991.
Our unique line of products is an authentic reproduction of the painting mediums and amber varnishes used by past painters, musical instrument makers and craftsmen, mentioned in these historic documents. They are able to achieve effects not possible using modern mediums and varnishes.
During the development and fine-tuning of our products we work closely with various fine-arts painters and instrument makers. It is our belief that the craft of making varnishes and painting mediums is closely connected to the art of painting and craftsmanship in general. We hope therefore that you will participate in this process of discovery as well. And thus encourage an open discussion with our clients. For any questions regarding the best mediums for you and your style of painting or assistance after your purchase on the use of these mediums please do not hesitate to contact us.

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