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The most important raw material for making stringed and plucked string instruments is wood. Of the wood depends the quality and consequently, the value of an instrument. Only certain kinds of wood with specific characteristics are suitable for making instruments, thats why we talk of “tonewood”

As far back as 1905 Anton Gleissner dedicated himself to this tonewood, setting up a tonewood business in the violin makers city of Schönbach. In 1933 his son Andreas Gleissner took over the firm, which had an excellent fame with stringed and plucked string instrument makers.

In 1953 the Andreas Gleissner Company came to Bubenreuth passing by Eltersdorf. Since 1965 Manfred Gleissner continued running the business for more than four decades.
Stefan Gleissner, who joined the company in 1994, today represents the fourth generation running the business.

Mozartstr 12, BUBENREUTH, 91088, Germany

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