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During his training (1976-1978), Bastian Muthesius, in addition to the new construction and restoration of violins and their relatives, has steered his interest increasingly on the historical stringed instruments.
He has expanded and refined his knowledge in the art of historical and modern violin making as a violin violin at work studies in Holland (the Netherlands), the USA (Monicle), as well as in collaboration with fellow colleagues, especially with brother Tilman and father Ingo Muthesius. He finished the championship in Stuttgart in 1984 and founded his own workshop in Berlin. His then partner Oskar Kappelmeyer later founded a workshop in Passau.
In addition to cellos, violins, and violas, Bastian Muthesius also builds violas da gamba, viola d ámore, cello piccolo or pomposa.
He developed his models by studying old instruments in collections of museums or in private ownership.
The construction of historic serpentine arches is just as much a part of his field of activity, as the restoration and dismantling of old instruments.

Gbrresstr 29, BERLIN, 12161, Germany

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