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The non-profit Center for musical construction (Comb) is a training and documentation center
that aims to knowledge and wealth of the craft ‘ tool building ‘ to disseminate and promote.

The realization of this objective is based on two pillars :

The support and housing of the training musical construction of our educational partner CVO Riverland (Center for Adult Education). / More info , z ie: Education .
A wide range of activities related to instrument making such worshops, lectures, open houses, meetings with musicians, the Cordefactum Music and Instruments Festival. / More info, see : Activities .
The unique and fruitful symbiosis between these pillars allows people to train professional instrument manufacturers, and also provides the opportunity for introduction or refresher courses for both beginners and advanced.

Members of the association and Cmb Cmb / CVO students may additionally call on:
– an information and documentation center with literature and plans
– a warehouse / store to purchase tone wood and specific materials

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