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Elina Kaljunen has built violins since 1991, is based on the knowledge of the violin at age 4 that started call on her studies, performing 2A-degree and active music-making in addition to the construction work. He studied vuosina1992-1996 ready to support international Cremona violin making school in Italy from the violin master builder. Elina Kaljunen specializes in stringed instrument repairs and manufacture of copies player John Dilworthin workshop in London. My company has been operating in Helsinki since 1998.

Ulrich Dürr started the construction of a spring musical instruments at the age of 16 in Germany. He has received instruction in violin, cello and Alton soitossa.1992 he graduated from master violin maker of Cremona violin making school in Cremona Italiasta.1992-1996 he worked privately as well as the spring builder E.Slavieron the workshop. From 1996 to 2002 he worked Risto Vainion violin workshop.

Violin Workshop & Kaljunen Dürr has been operating since 2002.

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