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The story begins with the violin-maker Gustav Robert Roth who founded his own business in Markneukirchen in 1873. The violins made by Gustav and his apprentices are still highly regarded today. His son, Ernst Heinrich Roth I was born in 1877. Ernst learned to play the piano, trumpet, viola, violin and cello. He had perfect pitch and an excellent sense of craftsmanship which he absorbed in his father`s workshop. He travelled extensively to violin makers in Austria, Hungary, Russia and France to perfect his art.

In 1902 at the age of 25 he started his own business, along with his cousin Gustav August Ficker. Their business was highly successful and the instruments of Ernst Heinrich Roth were much sought after in Germany and throughout Europe.

Albert followed in his father`s footsteps as a violin-maker while Ernst Heinrich Roth II received a training in commercial life. In 1921 at the age of nineteen, her moved to America. Along with his friend Alban Scherl the company Roth and Scherl was founded. Thus Roth instruments and other products came on the North American market.

The Roth company continued successfully in Markneukirchen until the beginning of the Third Reich. The political climate prohibited the sale of fine instruments to countries unfriendly towards Germany. The labour force had to be reduced in Markneukirchen.

In 1939 Albert Roth was conscripted at the start of the Second World War. However instruments continued to be produced under the master Ernst Heinrich Roth I and some apprentices.

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