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Fabio Nicotra was born in Palermo in 1974. He stardet very early to study the cello with his brother Carmelo, and after some time he entered the music school in the same city.
He was playing chamber music and symphonic repertoire in Italy and abroad, but very soon he decided to follow his passion for the luthery, by entering first the International school of luthery in Cremona, and then the bow and luke maker school in Gubbio (Perugia).
During his luthery studies, he went often to visit the ateliers of master Claude Lebet in Switzerland and in Rome.
In 1999 he finished to study and holded a luthery course in Sicily. He organized some expositions in his own city and started a collaboration with Teatro Massimo in Palermo.
biografia-2In 2002 he collaborated ,with Dr Francesca Deganello of the Italian CNR (National Research Council) and with the French lute maker Eric Blot, in performing some scientific investigations on the wood and varnish in string instruments. Recently he was asked by the “Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana” Foundation, to expertise the string instruments belonging to its collection.

Piazza Olivella 15, PALERMO, 1-90133, via M.
Ingegneri. 3 (P.zza Roma), CREMONA 26100. Italy

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