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Our workshop offers the following services: sale of old and new violins, violas and cellos from Italy, France and the German-speaking countries; French and German arches. We also buy them. We devote ourselves to the new construction of the instruments and arches of the classical string quartet according to different models. The restoration, maintenance and sound regulation of instruments is particularly important to us. Adrian is also specialized in working with arches, which include hairy, restoring and optimally regulate. Consultation on all matters concerning your instrument. We offer a wide range of strings, cases and accessories for string instruments.
Restoration of a new neck, swiveling out of the spine, opening of the instrument, doubling of the edges, renewal of the bass bar (with lining or layers), cleaning and gluing of cracks, attachment of worn corners and edges, tuning chuck, correcting neck angle Repair and maintenance of all kind.
Maintenance Renew of the handleboard, leveling the handleboard, renewing or adjusting the veneer, lacquer care, retouching and protective lacquers, glueing of all kinds, maintenance and support of your instrument.
Sound regulation of the bridge, adjustment of a new ventricle, correction of the angle of the throat by means of a fingerboard wedge, re-insertion of the throat, guidance of the string, etc.
Work with bows New hairiness, bending the bar, balancing the bar, silver or silk wrap, thumb and protective leather, adjusting a new head plate, repairs to frog, rod and head.
Consultancy control of the condition, string selection, sound optimization, insurance, we create value confirmations, storage and maintenance, photographs of instruments and sheets for documentation purposes, we advise you in all questions concerning your instrument.

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