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From 1983 to 1986 he served his apprenticeship in Bubenreuth and Mittenwald. He won the first prize at the “Leistungswettbeweb der Handwerksjugend” in 1986 and was awarded
the gold – medal by Bundespräsident
Richard v. Weizsäcker.

Until Günter K. Waldau achieved his master degree in Nuerenberg 2000, he improved his skills in the workshops of various master violin makers. Since then he is an independent violin, viola and cello maker in the work shop with
G. H. Lobe.

The main part of Waldau´s work is the traditional making of new instruments, earning him noted results at national and international competitions. Nonetheless he is devoted to restoration, copies of antique instruments and those with a spacial design.

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