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Making instruments is essential to me. I love building basses. I have seen and worked on great basses. Many of them have given me new thoughts, and as soon as I can I will try to use it in a next instrument. As with the art of playing music, making instruments is a long search and demands willpower. I am still learning every day. I use my growing experience to get to higher standards all the time. At the same time I make sure not to loose the fun in my job. I have been doing a lot of different models and basses from extremely small to a great orchestral model based on a very nice Vincenzo Panormo. I want to have a good range of models to meet with practically all demands. People have so many reasons to want something completely different and I am looking forward to the day I have it lying on a shelf to do the job! Please take a look at the slideshow or the gallery and get an idea.

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