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Having joined and toured with various rock and folk bands in the early 1970s as a guitarist, Heiner Windelband at 22 found his alter ego: an instrument of upright stature, more powerful than highly sensitive, possessing a thrilling sound and volume. Each tone demands attention. Yet, Heiner Windelband, did not think the last row in an orchestra was his vocation. So, he started with jazz music. A number of different combos allowed him to experiment with expression, sounds and acoustic patterns. It is typical of him that he first explored the double bass as autodidact before taking lessons with Sigi Busch but he did not cease his own research and experiments. From the very beginning he was eager to trace the creative and practical possibilities as well as the limits of his instrument. These aspirations were so strong that he tried himself to improve the playing properties of his instrument with his own hands.

Barenaue 6, Schloss Neu-Barenaue, BRAMSCHE,
49565, Germany

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