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Having graduated from Gubbio violin making school, he trained as an apprentice with Sorgentone and Mecatti in Florence. However, willing to create his own instruments, in 2005 he began to work in Monterchi, within a vast amphitheatre of mountain and forest, in the Tuscan Valtiberina.

Here, far from the frantic atmosphere of the big cities, Marco takes care of his instruments, trying to give to each of them a peculiar and unique identity. He also repairs, and set up and upkeeps maintenance on violins, violas and cellos. At the moment, his instrument are being played and appreciated by professional musicians all over the world. As Marco often likes to say: his instruments travel more than he does himself.

Since 2008, given to the growing demand, he has been working with Sergio Di Zenobio’s collaboration, and he is now able to conceive and create his instruments with a greater concentration and dedication. His violins, violas, and cellos can be assembled both with modern and antique (baroque and classical) schemes.

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