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PAESOLD BOWS – A great deal of literature exists concerning the virtues of good violins, whilst comparatively little written material has been forthcoming on the bow. Considering that the quality of the bow is as great a contribution to fine performance as the instrument, it is perhaps surprising that so little has been said. It could be an indication that the secrets of the master bow are even more elusive than those of the master violin. Indeed it is often forgotten that the violin was invented to be played with a bow which had already existed for several centuries. It is significant that there have always been fewer successful bow makers than violin makers.
Today, Paesold is respected throughout the world for high quality bows. From moderately priced items upwards, each bow is individually made within the Paesold workshops. All are made from traditional materials which have stood the tests of time and are the work of craftsmen to whom the secrets to the enigma of a fine bow are well known.

Warana St, The Gap, BRISBANE. QLD 4061. Australia
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