Nashville Violins

Date:2017-05-16 4:25 pm

Appraisals- we’d be happy to value your instrument for you, just bring it by our store and one of luthiers will take a look at it. Written insurance apprasials availbe for a fee.

Bow rehairs are all done in store- no need to worry about your bow being shipped elsewhere to be rehaired. We offer several grades of hair.

Instrument restoration- our dedicated luthiers can restore your old or not yet set up instrument to perfect playing condition.

Full set ups, repairs, restorations, including professional luthier inspections.

Full music store sells instruments for every player level, strings, bows, cases, rosin, tuners, metronomes, msic stands, instrument stands, sheet music and many, many more accessories

Full instrument customization- from electric set ups to violin fittings and full restortions, our staff is here to help you set up your instrument exactly as you’d like it.

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