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As many violin teachers have also done, Ruth Brons had often improvised “pinky houses” for the wandering pinky fingers of her violin students. But in 2008, she went on to also improvise duct tape supports for the thumb and index fingers. Students loved their “guaranteed perfect bow holds”, and Ruth was astonished at their relaxed hands. But within just a week or two these temporary fixes started peeling off, and students complained the supports were stiff and ugly. Ruth promised her students she would think of a better solution.

Working with modeling compounds, Ruth came up with a two-part, universal-fit bow accessory. Ruth visited a rubber manufacturer to see if she could have a few dozen accessories made. She learned her devices could indeed be made — but at great cost. Wanting the accessories so much for her own students, she immediately got to work refining her idea, adding the finishing touch of the frog and fish designs, and decided to share her idea with the string world.

Ruth and her mother, Martha Brons, a master cello teacher, then worked together to come up with a support idea for cello, which underwent further refining back in the studio. Neither Ruth or Martha cannot even imagine not having this valuable teaching tool available in their own studios now!

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