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Karel Pilař the Hradec Králové-branch founder of violin-makers Pilař family was born October 30, 1899 in Stará Paka v Podkrkonoší. He became one of many representatives of “Giant Mountains Violin Makers School” who made themselves famous throughout Europe in the beginning of the century Karel Pilař s manželkou Vlastou, roz. Schöblovou(František Špidlen, Josef Vedral, Anton Pilař, Eugen Vitáček). After apprenticeship under Josef Čermák he was improving his skills with O. Špidlen in Prague, Anton Pilař in Berlin and Josef Vedral in Haag. He chose Hradec – the city in his birthplace area – to open his first studio. Soon he became successful restorer looked after by leading concert artists. He built about 200 new instruments appreciated and admired by experts and amateurs for their lively beauty. Also, he was honored as the connoisseur for his honesty and accuracy. His memory as to the instruments was remarkable. Thanks to his diligence, honesty and vitality even in his late age many valuable and precious instruments were rescued for future generations.
Karel Pilař trained his son Vladimír and highly influenced his grandchild Tomáš when beginning. He acted as an international jury member in Liège and Poznan. He also played cello in many non-professional ensembles. He was extremely favorite personality as the result of his humanity.

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