46 Riverside Dr. Suite 2N. NEW YORK. NY 10024, USA
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Directed by Stewart Pollens, one of the world’s leading musical instrument conservators and violin authorities, Violin Advisor, LLC is an independent consulting firm that advises musicians, collectors, institutions, and investors on the acquisition of fine stringed instruments.

We physically examine the instruments that are being offered by the principal dealers, private sellers, and major auction houses in order to assist our clients in avoiding fakes and misattributed instruments, along with those having serious or undisclosed condition problems or poor playing characteristics. In recent years, the market has been inundated with fraudulent scientific reports and counterfeit certificates. Violin Advisor, LLC evaluates all reports and documentation and may conduct its own tests to determine age and authenticity.

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Address 46 Riverside Dr. Suite 2N. NEW YORK. NY 10024, USA
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