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In 1979, Hansung is a stringed instrument company established in Daegu. Until now, I have walked the road by craftsmanship. . We produce our own high quality violin, Imported strings and accessories f
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Since establishment of our company in 1962, we have been manufacturing only Violin family instruments (violin, viola, cello, bow) With strictly selected materials and accumulated know-how, we produce
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On 1 January 2010, Klaus Ludwig Clement will open a new master workshop in the music city of Leipzig. Under the umbrella of the Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag, founded in 1807, he now works together
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LEV STRINKOVSKY JERUSALEM VIOLINS The Lev Strinkovsky – Violin Maker studio was founded in 1980 in Jerusalem. We specialise in the sale of contemporary string instruments: violins, violas, cellos, b
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Learn to work wood by family tradition; Led by his love of music, is interested and begins, in a self-taught way, the construction of stringed instruments. He broadens his knowledge of the subject tha
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ROCCA STRINGS World sole agent of violin makers; Brugnini & Beck, Renzo Mandelli, Debora Scianame, Dinko Dinev, Stephane Bodart Sole agent in Great China area for bow. Contact Kevin Lin Tel +886 2
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Vermont Violins is dedicated to promoting the study of violins, violas, ‘celli, and bass’. In fact, the violin family of instruments is not only our specialty, it is all we do. Owner, Kath
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Strad, a string instrument company that keeps the best value. Strad Musical Instruments, which opened in 1997, is based on honesty and trust.  It is a company specializing in string instruments that
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I was born on December 31st 1973 in Reghin. My introduction with the manufacturing of musical instruments was at a very early age , as violin making was a family tradition. Since I was little I used t
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OTTO MUSICA Messiah enterprise / Oude musical instruments, founded in 1974 , by the digital art lovers, with ㄧ shares Folly, uphold the S & P World Bible principles remain unchanged, down to ear
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Welcome to Hong Kong Strings Ltd, Hong Kong’s premiere violin shop. We offer excellent value on our superb selection of authentic old and new violins, violas, cellos & bows. Services include exp
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RUTH OBERMAYER Ruth Obermayer learned the craft of luthier in the workshop of Wolfgang Löffler in Munich, Germany, accompanied by the official examinations of school luthería of Mittenwald and influ