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Following a successful career in marketing and technology, William Townsend began studying violin making under the tutelage of Ziang Mei then continued learning techniques from William Hilton (a stude

Boris Odio de Granda graduated from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) in 1986 with a BFA in advertising design, and minor in studio arts. The following years were spent pursuing a career in marketing, i

Welcome to ViolinsLover Shop! You have found the Gliga Violins USA musical stringed instruments violin shop. Our mission is to bring you the best Romanian stringed instruments from the master craftsma

Welcome to the finest shop in Orange County for string instruments of the Violin family. Our family has owned our shop for over 40 years, and the services we provide are the highest quality at competi

Whether you are new customer or one that has been with us over the past years, we’d like to invite you to take a look around inside. You’ll also find that many other things have remained the same;

Angels Musical Instrument, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers and wholesalers in the bowed instruments industry. The factory is located in Xi’an, the city at the beginning of the Silk Road

I was born in South Korea. Since I was interested in music, I started playing the piano when I was a child. When I was in Sydney, Australia, I had an opportunity to meet with a violinmaker, Mr. Harry

Todd Goldenbberg’s path to becoming a violin maker began with a degree in botany from the University of New Hampshire. Todd began to pursue his passion by moving to Portland Oregon where he studied

BACKA MIKAEL VIOLINBYGGARE AB Backa Mikael started his career at the Royal Opera House Orchestra in Stockholm playing the viola. After some years in the orchestra, he left for Great Britain in 1984 to