British Transport Police Finally Recovered the Stolen 1700 Matteo Goffriller violin

2017-06-09 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ String Instrument News

Carol Slater reported that her stolen three-hundred-year-old violin on end of March. Carol’s father gave the 1700 Matteo Goffriller violin as a gift over 40 years ago. However, now, someone stole it from the overhead luggage rack inside Gatwick Express train.

Slater and her violist husband Ian Jewell discovered the missing violin when the train they rode in disembarked. Slater and her husband took a 6:30 pm train from London Victoria Station to catch a flight. The couple had no choice but cancel their trip to search for the missing violin. They had to go to the next train station at Hayward’s Heath to find the missing instrument.

British Transport Police investigated the case and finally recovered the stolen instrument. BTF recovered the slightly damaged musical instrument inside a house situated in the Northwest part of London. Finally, the owner received her long lost violin.