Concert Goers are Charity Givers According to Study

2017-12-17 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ String Instrument News

How do you encourage people to donate to charities and funds for foundations? It’s very simple! Just let them attend concerts, and you will find giving to charities and fundraising campaigns. This was what the new study states which were conducted by University of Lincoln and Kent. They stated that those who attended musical concerts and cultural activities are more apt to donate to charities, foundations and fundraising campaigns. They are willing to be part of the endeavor regardless of their economic and financial situation.


It seems hard to believe, but even the author of the research Dr. Julie Van de Vyver was surprised on how the result of their research turned out. The statics of their findings were undeniably influential. She also added that arts have a significant role and influence in the society. She describes it as unique and compelling which could develop a pro-social behavior.

If arts have this kind of unique power to influence and develop pro-social behavior to people, then we need its contribution to this society that is cohesive and prosperous, according to Dr. Van de Vyver.

She also added that this pro-social behavior might have developed due to the shared meaning that arts created while people are relishing its beauty. So those who participated in artistic activities and events can build graciousness and compassion for others.

A professor named Dominic Abrams at the University of Kent’s School of Psychology who is a co-author of the research said that because artistic activities and events are always available in different parts of the world people can quickly achieve the sharing of meaning. It could either be that they are directly participating in that particular artistic activity or they are just there as spectators.

This research had all its details published in the Social Psychological and Personal Science journal.