The Concert Hall Rejected the Conductor for Holding His Daughter’s Violin

2017-06-09 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ String Instrument News

The Bass Hall rejected the Conductor of Forth Wort Symphony Orchestra in Texas to enter his concert hall. The Bass Hall ejected Miguel Harth-Bedoya because he was holding his daughter’s violin. Bedoya came from his daughter’s violin performance with the Fort Worth Youth Orchestra when he entered the concert hall. When the security personnel noticed the case of the violin, they force him to leave the building.

The conductor shared his experience on Facebook by posting a video after he was kicked out from the concert hall. Under his post, he added that the guards force him to leave the lobby for holding his daughter’s violin even though he had done a lot of hosting and conducting on the same hall throughout the weekend in the same room.

Meanwhile, the in charge of the concert hall which is the Performing Arts Forth Worth said that Mr. Bedoya is entirely aware of the bag admittance program which is the new security rule in the building. The new security regulation takes effect last January 17, 2017, which states that bags and purses larger than size 12in x 4in x 12in will be inspected and prohibited to make sure that the security and comfort inside the hall are at the highest level.