Damaged Double Bass in an Airline trip receives a very small Compensation

2017-06-04 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ String Instrument News

A double bass student named Pablo Escobar of Luigi Cherubini Conservatory in Florence had his double bass broken during his flight from Ecuador to Italy. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines took responsibility for the severely damaged instrument, but the compensation was minimal.

It was the first time Escobar experienced this incident. His double bass is usually tucked safely inside a large wooden box every time he travels. However, during this time, the instrument had not arrived when he landed. It took a couple of days till Pablo got reunited with his musical instrument. However, when it arrived, the musical instrument was severely damaged, and it has a big hole on its side.

Escobar appealed for the compensation of his damaged instrument. After seven months the petition was approved and was offered only €1,425 to compensate the damage that occurred. According to the airline company, it was their maximum rate to make up for the damaged instrument. The amount given for the compensation was not enough to repair the broken musical instrument.