Inside Out Show a New Way of Experiencing a Concert

2017-08-19 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ String Instrument News

Watching an orchestra play on stage is great concert experience. But to sit right beside the orchestra as the musicians play their instruments is a one of a kind experience. The Inside Out Show is a new type of concert where an audience can sit and listen to the musicians playing their instrument beside them. The Park Avenue Symphony Orchestra developed this kind of concept to provide concert goers a different kind of involvement with instrument players.

The facilitators of this concert assigned a particular seat among musical instrument players. They just have to buy a ticket for that particular seat to get closer with those playing the instrument. That way they can listen to music just like the musicians would listen to their performance on stage.





The person who came up with this idea is the conductor of Park Avenue Symphony Orchestra, David Bernard. Bernard said that for concert goers and classical music fans, this experience is breathtaking. It is an overwhelming experience to listen and see musician’s elaborate display of musical artistry right before your eyes in real time. Moreover, to get to experience this with world class musical performers in a top of the line concert venue is astonishing. He also added this kind of concert experience is a discovery because it was untapped for many years where the best seats in the house are no longer the front row seats but the seats on stage.

Haydn’s Surprise Symphony and Stravinsky’s Firebird Suites are some of the repertoires they had on one of their concerts this year.

According to one of the musician, there are numerous positive feedbacks from both audience and musicians. The audience gets to have an emotional level of experience as they listen to music because of the way they set it up. No one can find this kind of setup on other typical classical concerts. Some audience stated that this is unique and engaging for them.




When Maya Dillon attended one their rehearsals, she said that she could see how the music is expressed while watching the conductor. She stated that you cannot see this on regular concerts because you would usually see the back of the conductor on stage. It was like having an incredible journey with them.