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Violinshops in Austria

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My usual aim for modern setup instruments is a concert violin tone, however with that allusive sweetness not often found in modern-setup instruments. For my baroque violins, multifarious solutions exi
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Peter Ivan visited the school for violin making (lasting 5 years) of the conservatoire of music “Arrigo Boito” in Parma (Italy). There he learned his trade at master Renato Scrollavezza and made
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Playing the violin as a child got me into violin making . My first two teachers in Graz (Austria), Silvia Germek and Karl Vogt, both played on new instruments made by the local maker Wolfgang Brückne
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Our violin workshop offers-The sale of fine old and modern violins, violas and cellos from Italy, France, Austria and Germany. We also offer German and French bows. Likewise we also acquire fine instr
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For me, the design of the violin has been the result of the endeavor to build the human voice.Within the framework of the development of modern musical culture, the violin is devoted to a musical dial
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We moved to Salzburg in 1998 to open our own violin making workshop. The main part of our business entails restoration work and maintenance of local masterpieces. We are specialised in tonal adjustmen
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From the offer: violins, violas, cellos and their bows; old and new master instruments, student instruments new construction, repair and restoration and sale, rental, lease-purchase of pupils to maste
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As the successor of violin maker Anton Jirovsky III, a master workshop that has existed for more than three generations, it is a special concern for me to continue the long-standing violin tradition o
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Master instruments are created entirely by hand over several months. 2-3 new instruments are completed every year. All instruments are unique pieces with individual designs and individual sound and
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In order to insure or sell an instrument or a bow you need a value appraisal (a document with a short description and appraisal of the object) or – usually from a value of €10.000,00 and
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From my eleven years of training at the violin making school in Mittenwald, Germany, alongside my work at various well-known and highly regarded workshops around the world, I have gained a great deal
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Peter Svatek enjoys the trust of many musicians who appreciate its tremendous accuracy and experience. For the restrained and very humble master violin maker from Salzburg every violin has an individu