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Violinshops in Denmark

As one of the first miniature microphone developers, DPA Microphones has empowered originality and innovation throughout the entertainment industry. Our mini mics have paved the way for creative expre

I discovered violin making when I began playing the violin at the age of 7. At 15, I joined the French violin-making school in Mirecourt, where I spent five years learning the art of making and restor

The workshop is after moving to Melbourne ready for spring with new premises.

Hertz Music A / S is specialized in blowing and stringed instruments, and we offer to serve our customers in our store and showroom or via our webshop. Furthermore we do all kinds of repairs and servi

Violin workshop has a wide selection of ready-made stringed instruments and bows for sale, both old and new together in various children’s sizes. We perform all kinds of repairs of violin, viola

About 1950 Danish cellist Jarl Hansen wanted more from his cello than gut strings could provide. As a member of the Royal Danish Opera Orchestra he became increasingly interested in string q

As a Danish company we may be forgiven for referring to one of our most noted literary figures in telling our story. Particularly as our founder, Laurits Th. Larsen, worked a youthful summer at the Ha

SCANDINAVIAN STRINGS Nygade 24,1.1 gaarden, SILKEBORG, 8600, Denmark Contact Robert Thompson Tel +45 86 82 36 47

Fine master instruments or decent beginner violins. Convincing new models or reliable old instruments. We offer a wide range of exciting choices. Feel free to try them all! We happily buy quality inst

Violinmaker Jens Stenz was born in Randers, Denmark in 1960. His interest in violinmaking and repairing developed through a profound interest in music and craftsmanship. From 1982-till 1985, he studie

MusikLab is based on music. Music has great power. Music is a universal language, it speaks directly to your feelings beyond barriers of language, culture, and race. Listen to original music from many

In 1983 Danish engineer Jørgen Wilson started the first attempts to develop a new pickup system for sound amplification of the double bass based on piezo transducers, which, placed on a string inst