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Violinshops in Germany

Meine Instrumente werden ausschließlich von mir in reiner Handarbeit angefertigt und mit einem nach eigenem Rezept hergestellten Spiritus-Öl-Lack von Hand lackiert. Zu jedem dieser Unikate gehört e

Gael Francais devotes his complete attention to the musician’s needs, applying his uncompromising standards of craftsmanship and expertise to the professional, student, and amateur alike. His sh

Frank Eickmeyer was born in 1963 in Neuss (Rhineland|Germany). After attending a Steiner school, where special emphasis was put on arts and crafts, he dedicated himself to playing the cello, as well a

A nice feel and ergonomic shape, quality materials and good workmanship – there are many factors that combine to make first-class tools. Before we decide to recommend a product to our customers,

Ian Crawford McWilliams is a Canadian living 80 km west of Berlin in the historical town of Brandenburg an der Havel. He finished his schooling in Vancouver and left for England in 2002 on a path of l

On 1 January 2010, Klaus Ludwig Clement will open a new master workshop in the music city of Leipzig. Under the umbrella of the Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag, founded in 1807, he now works together

The studio for violin and bow making is the culmination of two complementary personalities, careers and work ethics founded in 2007. Nicholas Gooch and Irina Feichtl are not only colleagues, but have

First cello lessons at the age of 8 1993 – 1996 apprenticeship in Markneukirchen in Vogtland 1996 trade test 1996 – 1999 journeyman’s years of service in the workshop Ekkehard Köhler, Kisslegg

Jost Thoene, son of music pedagogue and composer Karl Thoene (1924-1993), was born in Rhede, Germany, in 1962. Continuing the Thoene family tradition, he studied music and viola at the Academies in Do

My services include the following activities: Instrument care and repair of lacquer damage Yearly surveys Sound potential of an instrument Improve the handling of an instrument, such as string spacing

PETER BENEDEK In our shop we offer violins, violas, and cellos in all sizes and price categories. We have a great selection of instruments for both students and master works for professional use. Pete

ERGOVIO ERGONOMICS FOR VIOLINISTS EK – MASTERLY HANDCRAFTED ACCESSORIES Aleksej Slobodyrev started playing the violin as a musician at the age of four. The demands on the “Music School for