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Violinshops in Hong Kong

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Andy studied at the Newark School of Violin Making (NSVM). NSVM counts among its distinguished graduates John Dilworth and Roger Hargraves. NSVM is also internationally famous for its high level of ed
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Busetto Strings was established in 2015, by Hong Kong native double bassist Barry Chan. Barry is an experienced bassist and teacher, who aims to choose the suitable instruments and accessories for dif
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Established in Hong Kong in 2002, Dream Classic Music (DCM) focuses its core business in global retail and wholesale of first-class instruments. We have a great collection ranging from antique and our
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National Strings was established in 2013, it is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of professional strings instruments in Hong Kong, providing full handmade cellos, violas and violins. We have co
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VIOLIN BROTHERS was founded by James Cheung and Jimmy Cheung in 2010. We provide string instrument repairing, tone adjustment and maintenance; bow repairing, curvature adjustment and maintenance. Here
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The Piano Room is located in Mongkok and was founded in 2010 by Jacky Sir and Wesley Sir, who are Hong Kong local professional violinists, experienced teachers and violin collectors. Provides profess
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Mr. Law has been a renowned music teacher for innovative teaching ideas to students. He has been the music industry for over 30yrs as an expert of European Violins.  He found Law’s Music in 200
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“Niccoloo Strings product range include: instruments – violin, viola, cello; and accessories – strings, mute, rosin, violin/viola/cello cases, fittings.”
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Over a decade ago, I set out to discover a career that would combine creativity with craftsmanship. By the grace of God, I embarked on a journey to becoming a violin maker.  I received on-the-job tra
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SOLO STRINGS was founded by a group of string experts, including professional performers, luthiers and collectors. We hope to bring professional-level instruments to violin lovers: no matter from the
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LYRA STRINGS now mainly deals in its own brand LSV violins. It has its own studio in China and has close cooperation with other factories. The company attaches great importance to the quality and soun