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Violinshops in Hungary

It is a violin maker workshop is both for visual and aural aesthetics. offered almost his idea to get next to the sight of the instruments made, the occasional mini-projects in different forms of art

NIKOLA POPARA Nikola Popara was born in 1975. He started to play the violin at the age of 8. After finishing both primary and secondary music school, he won a scholarship to study at the Musical Instr

Our famous ancestor Samuel Felix Nemessanyi (1837-1881) made our family name world famous among violinists and violin makers. I learned the trade from 1977 to 1979 at the Kaesz Gyula Woodwork College

DARIUS MUSIC VIOLIN SHOP We are constantly buying older instruments, and we are pleased to meet our customers and all of those who want to sell their instruments. Our Auctions will start again in 2014

TAMAS GUMINAR Klauzal ter 14, BUDAPEST, 1072, Hungary Contact Tamas Guminar Tel +3613 522912 Fax +3613 522912

KAROLY PETERI The violin maker profession in 1983 deals from. His first master Balázs István was. Then, in 1989 from the Italian Cremona , the International Violin Making School, he continued his st