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Violinshops in Michigan

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ur passion at Carl Becker and Son is to ensure all violin, viola, and cello players have an instrument and bow that lets them capture, move, and inspire their audience. Let us know how we can help you
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Anthony DiMambro has been an active restorer of bows for nearly 16 years and has taken on bow making as of 2015. He spent several years doing bow restoration full time at a major violin shop in the mi
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The career of a luthier is a unique path, and it takes years to develop the skills necessary to excel in this craft. Without a deep-seated passion and commitment, it is difficult to succeed. Luckily,
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Ed McCoppin Violins is a full service violin shop, which includes cello and bass work, is located in southeast Michigan, just north of Toledo, Ohio and south of Detroit.Premium Set-Ups include good qu
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My relationship with the violin started at age 8, when I began my musical studies. Later, I developed interests in woodworking and sculpture, but the violin remained an important part of my life and l
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David Burgess has won more violin making contests of truly international scope, won them more consistently, and won them against a greater number of competitors than not only any living violin maker,
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We are a family business and have sought to maintain personal and direct contact with our family of customers. As musicians, builders and technicians, we share the love of instruments ourselves and ha
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I make violins for professional and advanced players who look for a powerful instrument with a full-bodied, complex voice. My instruments are based on the work of Guarneri del Gesu. These violins are
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SHAR Music is the recognized market leader in North America as a supplier of string family instruments, bows, sheet music, cases, strings and accessories. Customers regularly order from all states/pro
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Musicians praise the quality of sound and playing ability of Feng Jiang’s violins. Players who purchased his violins include soloists Elmar Oliveira, Judith Ingolfsson, Wei-Gang Li, the first vi
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Joseph Curtin builds violins and violas, is deeply involved in acoustical research, and is passionately committed to the ongoing evolution of violin family instruments. Though the majority of his work
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Established in Birmingham in 1993, we have always provided beginning and professional musicians with the highest quality instruments, bows and accessories. We offer full professional support, from ren