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Violinshops in Netherlands

I’m Maki Ishizuka , violin restoration specialist. During my work in the Atelier René Morel I may restore many Stradivarius. Complex restorations have become my trademark; while the violin is n

TMA – Benelux is an import/export/distribution company in musical instruments, parts and accessories. Ever since the founding of our company in 1979, retailers and luthiers from the Benelux coun

Willem Bouman & Zn. since 1951, a concept in The Hague. The unique technology repairs and restores the family Bouman violins to their original status. We rent all strings in all formats. Quality,

We make or find the instrument that fits you! For everyone from student to professional. Workshop for high quality stringed instruments and their bows. Making – Restoring – Dealing –

GUUST FRANCOIS Windroosplein 108. AMSTERDAM. 1018 ZW. Netheriands Contact Guust Francois Tel+31 20 623 5515

VIOLTAR MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Almost 30 years ago I started making violins. At that time I already played the electric guitar in several bands, was writing my own music and at the same time studied at t

A GRUTTER STRIJKSTOKKEN I have been making bows for over 30 years now. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good, but I have thought continuously about all the different aspects of bow making

VIOOLBOUW EN RESTAURATIE ATEUER AC HENDRIKSEN Lepelblad 6, PURMEREND. 1441 VJ, Netherlands Contact AC Hendriksen Tel +31 29 943 6023

DIRK JACOB HAMOEN Krommesloot 11. MAKKUM. 8754 GD, Netherlands Contact Dirk Jacob Hamoen Tel +31 51 585 9055

VIOOLBOUWER ALEXANDER OOSTEN From childhood he was fascinated by the violin music, but only started taking violin lessons at the age of 17 at the Music School of Music-Dordrecht. Due to its ever-incre

KEES VAN HEMERT BOWS Kees van Hemert received initial training at the workshop of Matthijs de Jong and worked in the position of bowmaker for the internationally recognised firm of Bouman’s, before

ULRIKE WIEBEL VIOOLBOUW My studio is located in the Thieleman and Dros complex in the city of Leiden. Here I work as an independent violin maker since 1994. We are mainly engaged in the craft of violi