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Violinshops in Netherlands

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You play the violin, alto or cello. You do this because you have the talent, the right school of education and the idea how you want to make sound into music. Above all, you enjoy it. The right
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I started a cello on Christmas morning 2013. It’s a new model for me. A forma B Stradivarius based on the Countess of Stanlein, played for many years by Bernhard Greenhouse of the Beaux Arts T
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My name is Hubert de Launay and I specialise in making and restoring instruments of the violin and viol family. In the past 10 years I have worked in several workshops in Europe on high quality instr
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Jaap Bolink – Hilversum “Dat knokken hoor je terug in mijn vroegere instrumenten”  Jaap Bolink, geboren in Enschede op 7 februari 1946 als zoon van de kunstschilder-vioolbouwer Jan H
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I have been making fine violins for twenty-five years. In the tradition of the ancient masters. Each of my instruments is completely unique.Excellent quality of materials, exact proportions and the
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Since it’s foundation in 1985, the Atelier voor Contrabas has been a notion for Dutch bass players.The owner Lucas Suringar has developed as THE authority in the field of Double Basses. The
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I’m Maki Ishizuka , violin restoration specialist. During my work in the Atelier René Morel I may restore many Stradivarius. Complex restorations have become my trademark; while the violin is n
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Willem Bouman & Zn. since 1951, a concept in The Hague. The unique technology repairs and restores the family Bouman violins to their original status. We rent all strings in all formats. Quality,
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We make or find the instrument that fits you! For everyone from student to professional. Workshop for high quality stringed instruments and their bows. Making – Restoring – Dealing –
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ANDRE KLAASSEN HISTORICAL BOWS Since I was seventeen, I occupied myself with the building of mostly historical musical instruments. After studying art history workbench pulled over the desk and I deci
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Michael Yeats was born in Portland, Oregon in 1950. He began music lessons at an early age but switched from player to instrument maker in 1975. He started his building career as a Baroque and Renaiss
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MA AS EN ACHTTIENRIBBE VIOOLBOUW Since 2004 we run a violin workshop in Amsterdam. Bas Maas and Chaim Achttienribbe both graduated from the Newark School of Violinmaking in England. Bas concentrates o