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Violinshops in Netherlands

I’m Maki Ishizuka , violin restoration specialist. During my work in the Atelier René Morel I may restore many Stradivarius. Complex restorations have become my trademark; while the violin is n

TMA – Benelux is an import/export/distribution company in musical instruments, parts and accessories. Ever since the founding of our company in 1979, retailers and luthiers from the Benelux coun

Willem Bouman & Zn. since 1951, a concept in The Hague. The unique technology repairs and restores the family Bouman violins to their original status. We rent all strings in all formats. Quality,

We make or find the instrument that fits you! For everyone from student to professional. Workshop for high quality stringed instruments and their bows. Making – Restoring – Dealing –

AFFOURTIT HISTORICAL BOWS I was born in Rhoon, The Netherlands in 1963. At the age of 11 I started to learn the violin with Martin Sonneveld. Already during my study of the modern violin at the Royal

Making instruments is essential to me. I love building basses. I have seen and worked on great basses. Many of them have given me new thoughts, and as soon as I can I will try to use it in a next inst

Gijsbert was trained in the U.K. at the Newark school of violin making, and got his degree in 1991. During his school period he acquired work experience with Chaudiere in Montpellier and Kagi in Berli

Dmitry Badiarov was born in Russia, in 1969. He started playing the violin at the age of 8 with professor Semyon Ziskind. At the age of 11 he apprenticed to the violin-maker Vladimir Oiberman. He grad

ANDRE KLAASSEN HISTORICAL BOWS Since I was seventeen, I occupied myself with the building of mostly historical musical instruments. After studying art history workbench pulled over the desk and I deci

MATTHIEU BESSELING VIOLIN MAKER Matthieu Besseling was born in Amsterdam on 6 December 1951. He began making violins when he was twelve, under the guidance of a violin maker Paul Gerhard Schmidt and h

MA AS EN ACHTTIENRIBBE VIOOLBOUW Since 2004 we run a violin workshop in Amsterdam. Bas Maas and Chaim Achttienribbe both graduated from the Newark School of Violinmaking in England. Bas concentrates o

Jaap Bolink, born in Enschede on 7 February 1946, is the son of artist-violin maker Jan Hendrik Bolink. He made his first violin when he was thirteen. From 1963 until 1967 he followed a violin making