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Violinshops in Poland

+48 601 175 772

Marcin Krupa I was born on July 28, 1977. In the years 1984 – 1990 I attended the H. Wieniawski in Poznań, learning to play the violin. In 1996, I graduated from the State Secondary Music Sch
+48 601 175 772

Krzysztof Krupa I was born on January 5, 1979. in Poznan. In 1986 I started my education at the H. Wieniawski in Poznań in the violin class. In 1992. I started learning violin-making, initially
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Krzysztof Mróz – luthier artist, graduated from Technical School of Lute Instruments in Nowy Targ, from 1980. ZPAL member (Association of Polish Violin Makers) and active member of the board of
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BOBAK VIOLINO Bobak Violino – is a recognized and acknowledged workshop with over 25 years of tradition. The company, which has developed its own distinguishing style through years of experience, im
+48 42 637 0462

NORBERT KIJANKA Norbert Kijanka art construction and maintenance of stringed instruments studied in the years 1983-1987 in the class of violin making Secondary Music School. M. Karłowicz in Poznan, a
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LUTNICTWO KOWALSCY -VIOLIN MAKER’S WORKSHOP Kowalski`s violin maker workshop is a family-owned business for the making, adjusting and maintenance of string instruments. My name is Tomasz Kowalsk
+48 61 8269 214

ANTONI KRUPA Laboratory was founded in 1967. By Antoni Krupa, graduate of the Technical School of Lute Instruments in Nowy Targ, now a professor at the Music Academy in Poznan. Guitars activities also
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PAWLIKOWSKI JAN ZAKLAD LUTNICZY Jan Pawlikowski was born on January 2, 1943 at Maruszyna, a small village in the Podhale region. Music, which is the core of highlanders’ culture, was present in his