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Violinshops in Washington

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Olsen Violins was established in 1999 in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington by Sten Olsen. Since that time, our growing success has been based on the simple principle of providing the bes

Cody Kowalski grew up in an artistic family on a small island near Port Townsend, Washington. At a young age, he revealed a natural adeptness for creating with his hands and, at the age of twelve, had

Alina Kostina is a Russian-born violin maker now living in Seattle, WA. She grew to love the violin through her early childhood music studies. Although the Soviet Union produced many great violinists,

Michael Doran is a Seattle-based maker of violins, violas and cellos and an accomplished restorer of fine instruments. His award-winning work is played by professional musicians and advanced students.

We provide appraisal services for people wishing to know the market value of their instruments.  We have the necessary knowledge of history and current prices and the professional eye for workmanship
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Any music store can order a new instrument. Unfortunately, many of them stop there. At Quist Violins we begin by hand-selecting the best instruments from our exclusive suppliers’ inventories. We the

For Decades, the most advanced research into the methods and materials of the great Cremonese masters has been outside of modern-day Cremona. Krentz String Works has brought decades of research back t

Henry Bischofberger’s father and grandfather were violinmakers in Switzerland. Throughout his life, Henry has followed that tradition. Henry learned to play the violin in the 4th grade and conti

After working as a computer technician at Boeing, then building timber frame homes, Benjamin finally discovered something he truly is passionate about. Benjamin is a luthier, which in layman terms mea

Ms. Baumgartel is an active bow maker, constructing fine bows for professional musicians, conservatory students, collectors, avid adult players, select dealers and major violin shops in the United Sta

Kenmore Violins Owner Dr. Jeff Loen has extensive training in violin making, restoration, and bow rehair and repair. After earning a Ph.D. in geoscience research, he trained his researcher’s focus o

Since 1984 we have been serving professional and amateur violin, viola cello players and collectors in Seattle, the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Located in North Seattle University District, David T.