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Double Bass Point Viersen

Sven-Henrik Gawron begins double bass study at the age of 12 in Germany.
Attends Folkwang-Hochschule (Conservatory) studying classical double bass with Professor Rolf Heister in Essen (Germany) while participating in serval modern jazz formations.
Begins autodidactic study of repair and restoration of the classic acoustic double bass.
Opens “Studio für Kontrabässe” in Germany, a full service double bass shop specializing in pickups and amplification as well as a showroom for one of the most impressive collections of rare double basses in the world.
Presentation of the first prototype “Vektorbass” a collaboration with M. B. Schulz Design/Düsseldorf. This instrument develops into the modern classic that is known as the “Vektor™ Electric Upright Bass.”
Vektor Germany is a registered trademark in Germany and the USA
Vektor Basses are the preferred instruments of Rhonda Smith during the One-Nite-Alone-Tour with Prince. They make about 60% part of the show. Also the famous Coltrane-Bassist’s (Jimmy Garrison) son , Matthew Garrison has become endorsee for Vektor.
Developement of the Vektor Double Bass Pickup, which is mounted inside the bridge foot. Originally only designed for the Vektor Upright this pickup unexpectedly opene new horizons in acoustic bass amplification!

Presentation of the mobile version of the Vektor Kontramike. This product finally is easily mounted and adjusted.

Return to the roots! Back to bass repairs and restorations… in addition to that extending the collection of rare old bass bows of any origin for sale.

Marktstr 5. VIERSEN-DUELKEN, 41751. Germany

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