Look, Listen, and See How a Virtual Reality can Enhance Classical Music Experience

2017-08-16 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ String Instrument News

This new technology is good news for classical music enthusiasts and fans who wanted to experience classical music in a better, closer and more comprehensive way. Sony together with a renowned violinist virtuoso Joshua Bell teamed up together to make this experience possible using the virtual reality.

Bell along with the pianist Sam Haywood and the entire production team of Sony made a video recording of Brahms’ 1st Hungarian Dance. The PlayStation VR headset will allow you to view the recorded video in 360 degrees, giving you a more comprehensive and an up close experience.

Not only that you can see the performance from different angles, but you can also hear the sound quality shifts as you change your vantage point using the virtual reality device. Changes in sound quality involve volume, dynamics, and ratio, experiencing the real acoustics inside the studio.

Bell stated that he is always amazed by what virtual reality can do and this new development will allow people to experience a concert that they have never experienced before. They can also watch world class musicians they have never seen or heard before. He also added that it would be an incredible experience to sit and watch Fritz Kreisler or Jascha Heifetz playing right in front of him using the VR since he had not seen them play live.

According to bell, this new invention will not just cater classical music fans but also those people who have not experienced watching classical music all their life. He was hoping that through this piece of technology, these people will share the same thrill and excitement that he and other classical music enthusiasts and musicians had in watching a live musical performance. Bell also stated he could invite fans using this VR technology to watch as if they were attending his live concert right at their own homes. This technology has a tremendous potential to develop into an aid for music teachers, music presentations, music experts and online tutors.