The School That Has More Students Listening to Classical Music in the US

2017-08-22 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ String Instrument News

According to a survey, students today love to listen to music. Some students would use music in their studies, travel or just to chill. If you are going to consider different genres of music that students listen, classical music is one of their favorites.

Survey says that the universities in the United States have students listening to classical music. Not only that, the survey also determines how many students on these schools listen to classical music. Maybe you would think that the Ivy League university tops the list. Considering their minds which are powerful and influential, it’s easy to think that they would use classical music while doing their late night studies or writing their thesis and essays. But that’s the result of the survey.

Spotify an online podcast, music, and video streaming outlet conducted the survey. According to their study, the Ohio State University tops the list of universities that have more students listening to classical music. Since Spotify operates by streaming online, they gathered their information from students who subscribed to their discount program. This program allows students to access their premium service wherein they can unlimitedly stream music using their computers and gadgets. What makes this catchy for students is that Spotify will slash fifty percent from its regular $10 price if they will provide information on what university they are attending.

Among other universities, 40 of them are branded as musical universities including the Ohio State which is number 21 in rank. With the number of hours student’s spent for listening to music, they have collected all the data they need for their study. Other universities involved in this study were California Polytechnic State University, Penn State and The University of Alabama.

One of the main reasons why Ohio State becomes the number one in the list of colleges who have more students listening to classical music is that students would use classical music while studying for hours. This data was according to the results of their evaluation and information from some of the students.

Indeed music could act as a healing balm for students who are exhausted doing paper works, and late night reviews regardless which university they are attending.