Teenagers Attacked Vienna Symphony Orchestra Violist in Metro Station

2017-06-08 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ String Instrument News

The Vienna Symphony Orchestra violist Michael Buchmann argued with teenagers and ended up breaking his finger at the metro station. The incident happened when the 48-year-old violist returned home from a concert in Dortmund.

According to the reports, the musician saw the three Middle Eastern young men smoking in the train station while he was waiting for the train to come. The Viola player tried to impose to them that it is illegal to smoke in U-Bahn Stations but the young men did not take the advice positively. Instead, they spat on him and insulted him using English bad words. The young man suddenly kicked his ring finger which broke it. The doctors said that it would take four weeks for his finger to have its complete recovery. Buchmann performed in since 1995 in The Vienna Symphony Orchestra as a violist.