US Consulate almost barred an Iraq-born cellist from entering US

2017-06-04 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ String Instrument News

US Consulate barred an Iraq-born cellist of Budapest Festival Orchestra (BFO) in Budapest. The restriction is in compliance with the temporary travel ban issued by President Donald Trump. The travel ban applies to countries such as Iran, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Sudan. These are majorly Muslim countries which connected to terrorist events and activities.

The cellist has been living in Hungary since 1985 although the cellist was born in Iraq. Because of that, the director of BFO, Ivan Fischer discussed the case with the US consulate. After the long deliberation, the decision of the embassy is a decision of confusion. It proves that the cellist is a Hungarian citizen. Finally, the cellist was allowed to enter the United States and played with BFO on six different concerts.