Violin Players Choice Shifted from Old Violins to New Ones

2017-06-05 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ String Instrument News

Violin players were placed under the largest blind testing experiment ever. The result of the research shows that more violin players would rather use new violins than old ones. This new test has proven that new violins have project sound more than the old ones. Test participants, experts, and researchers have concluded that new violins can produce better sound than old violins like Stradivari and its contemporaries.

The previous experiment made last 2014 results to confusion between test participants. Violin soloist who participated in this research was not able to distinguish the differences between old and new violin. A few years ago, a similar study made last 2012 conducted by US violin maker Joseph Curtin and Claudia Fritz an expert in acoustics with string expert Fan-Chia Tao. The experiment result was the same to the one done in 2014.

After five research had conducted including the ones mentioned above, a blind testing analysis performed, and this time, it was the largest ever. Test participants and experts did a series of test. The results show that the old instruments scored the lowest while the new musical instruments scored the highest. The old Stradivari instrument is second to the last in rank.