Violins are no longer for men?

2017-05-25 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ String Instrument News

The London’s Royal Albert Hall conducted a survey which determines if violins are for men or women. Only 3% of 2000 adults surveyed would prefer violin for males. Throughout history, male violinists have dominated the field of violin performance. Most of them are historical legends and leaders in this present generation. But this does not affect the survey.

The Good thing is that 50% of those surveyed believed that violins are both for male and female. However, a majority of 36% voted that violin is for women compared to 3% that said it is for men. The fact that a majority of violinists today are females could be one of the reasons why many believed that the instrument is for women.

If violins are for women, then what instruments are for men? Brass instruments considered best for males according to the survey as mentioned above. Only 2% believed that trumpets are for women. 3% said women should play tuba instruments and horn. Meanwhile, 30% stated that both males and females should play brass instruments.