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Violinshops on Finland

+358 50 0892419

Call or send an email. You can get more information about repair services, musical instruments and accessories. You are always welcome to contact me to arrange a visit to my workshop.
+358 44 5125155

” My work consists of both new making ( violin, violas, cellos) and repairs. Combining these two gives me a good touch to rebuild new and see the variety of older instruments in my workshop. I o
+358 45 8699494

In Jyväskylä, Finland, Lauri played violin from childhood and made his first instrument as his final project to graduate from Jyväskylä Waldorf School, under the tutelage of violinmakers Mika Laht
+358 400 520 475

The store sells new and old Violins, Violas, Cello and Double Basses and their strings. Strings, accessories and cases for all string instruments are also for sale. The shop performs all maintenance,
+358 50 5477768

Nervanderinkatu 10B 1, 00100, HELSINKI, Finland. Repairing & restoring violins, viola & cellos is a challenging job that violinists do. The oldest violins are from the mid-1500s and some of t
+358 44 512 5155

How Violins is located in the center of Helsinki stringed instrument business. We sell, serve and restored all the string instruments contrabass violin. an on-site workshop enables our professionals c
+358 405 136 258

Repair & Restore I have been repairing and restoring instruments for almost 30 years. It is most important in this work to respect the original intention of the maker. Making While working on inst
+358 500 760511

Professional manufacturing and repair of all stringed instruments. Quality and accuracy is my trademark. With over 20 years of experience, I am able to build instruments to my customers specifications
+358 440493103

I’m back in Cremona, and started operations in new premises in East Helsinki. Make an appointment by phone or email. Työkennellessäni Cremona (2007-2012) I studied the violin-vocal on scie
+358 44 512 5155

Mrs. Elina Kaljunen (b. 1970) built her first violin in 1991. She started her studies in Finland, in the Ikaalinen Handicraft School of Instrument Making. In 1992, she became a student of Cremona Inte
+358 5 049 00515

I make new stringed instruments at my workshop in Turku in Finland. My work has been internationally recognized and I was awarded the first prize for my violin at the XII Cremona Triennale competition
+358 9 447 226

We are a specialty store for string instruments located in the center of Helsinki. We have been building Violins and Strings since 1958. Construction was started by Risto Vainio and now Ilkka Vainio