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Violinshops in Ontario

Dominik Zuchowicz has been professionally active in string instruments since 1970. He makes a variety of modern and historical bowed strings, including all members of the violin family, violas da gamb

We have been in the business of supplying stringed instruments and accessories since 2000. Our wholesale presence began as a Toronto-based company, specializing in all violins, violas, cellos and bass

Fine Strings is owned and operated by Olivia Pelling, a Luthier based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Olivia is a second generation Luthier who comes from a family with a strong tradition of Lutherie and

The Sound Post is a full-service violin shop renowned for providing string players with quality products and world-class services at excellent prices. We restore, repair, evaluate, buy and sell violin

In 1976, Bosco Violin Supply introduced an innovative product that would be embraced by string players across the country. As a company that has since expanded to specialize in the distribution of man

In 1934, Wagner Violin was started by Siegfried Wagner in Belgium. Since 1960, this violin repair company has been located north of Bracebridge, Muskoka, Ontario and carried on by Wagner’s widow

The Allegro is the first professional orchestra chair made of aluminum with back support that can be placed right at the lumbar or where you prefer. Ergonomic, ultra-light, modern, classy with a ̵

Bernard Walke has been a bow maker in the style of the old masters since 1980. His bows are played by professional musicians and advanced students throughout North America and around the world.

Anne Cure has been repairing, restoring and selling violin-family instruments since 1993. She has studied with William Salchow, Quentin Playfair and Jonathan Woolaston at the Banff and Toronto Island

THE ENTERPRISING RABBIT The enterprising rabbitâ„¢ was created to develop and manufacture products which enhance the study and performance of music. We offer products to inspire musicians and creative

My instruments are made solely by myself, without the aid of any automated machinery or prefabricated parts. My style of work would be considered clean, though I’d like to think of my work as be

Guy Harrison has over 20 years of experience producing high quality modern concert violins, violas and cellos, including antiqued copies of old Italian instruments. Through his study of classic Italia