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Violinshops in Quebec

Fine stringed instruments and bows. Sales, restorations, repairs and fabrication. Verbal and written estimates.

For many years, Dennis Alexander has been making and repairing violins in his tiny workshop in Aylmer, Québec. Violins that are played by many influential musicians in Canada and the United States. D

Denis Cormier has made over 270 violins, violas and cellos during the last thirty years. Their remarkable qualities have been recognized by musicians worldwide.

The work of a master luthier is penetrated by a personal imprint – the gesture – which determines the character of each of the instruments he makes. The gesture gives the instrument an exc

Among his clients are members of the OSM, the Orchester Métropolitain, the Violons du Roy, the Molinari Quartet, the Quartango, etc. He is a member of the Violin Society of America and intends to par

Being a self-taught maker, I soon developped a critical approach to my work, and I am always trying to improve my knowledge and understanding of the art and history of this craft. By studying the inst

The playability, sound research, artistic creation, are some of the watchwords that guide my work. The musician must consider the bow as an extension of his body: that is my goal. The joy of playing,

For over 250 years the heartwood of Brazil’s pernambuco tree has been crafted into the finest bows used by violinists, violists, cellists, and bassists for the creation of glorious music. The su

Mr. Lamarre mainly manufactures instruments that compose the string quartet and double bass. He studied from 1977 to 1980 with the Italian master Luthier Sylvio de Lellis who was then living in Quebec

Over ten years ago Peter Mach introduced the Mach One Shoulder Rest for violin and viola, surprisingly the first commercially available shoulder rest made out of the most natural of materials, wood. T

The making of a violin is a work of precision, based on ancient proven methods which have remained unchanged for centuries. Classical Cremonese-style models, such as Stradivari and Guarneri, are those