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Mr. Lamarre mainly manufactures instruments that compose the string quartet and double bass. He studied from 1977 to 1980 with the Italian master Luthier Sylvio de Lellis who was then living in Quebec to establish a first Canadian Workshop-School. For over thirty-three years he explores the wonderful world of violin Mr. Lamarre has developed a very personal style such as Arches faceted concept, although this did not prevent him, however, to produce type instruments more conventional. The vaults facets (8 per table, 4 down and 4 above) are the result of a reflection on the strength of tables and a contemporary aesthetic. These facets are carved like the veins of a maple leaf, the top plans rigidity and flexibility allows the vault. The positioning of the facets is part of a research vibration characteristics of the vaults. The two lines of longitudinal strength are oriented according to the vibration mode of the mode 2 (Chaldni Pattern developed by acoustician and luthier Carleen Hutchins and Ms. teammates http://www.phys.unsw.edu.au/jw/chladni.html ). The thickness setting is approximately the same as a conventional arch. The first instrument faceted dated 1984 Mr. Lamarre has achieved is a violin, and he has adapted his theory concerning aspects as well to other instruments of the string quartet as the bass.

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