South Africa

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Violinshops in South Africa

The Dutch forebears whose family name I carry came to South Africa during the middle of the 19th century. Between then and now the brew which gave rise to me was enriched with French Huguenot, German,

ALBERTUS BEKKER My passion for the violin was ignited at the age of eight, when I started playing the instrument as one of Annemarie Swanepoel’s pupils in Pretoria. During 1990, while studying e

DAWNE H ADD AD Dawne has been involved in instrument making for the past 30 years. It was chance – or destiny – that led her on this path. Equipped with a masters degree in physics she was

MURRAY KUUN LUTHIER I have always been a great lover of music, that is what all this is about, music! That, and my love for good design, I have always designed. I started making violins in the 1990′