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Violinshops in Switzerland

Sprenger Geigenbau is the oldest shop for stringed instruments in Switzerland. The business was established in 1917 in St. Gallen by Fritz Sprenger. Christoph Sprenger and his son Raffael Sprenger are

Imagine a family-friendly music, in a citizen’s house shortly after 1800, in Thalwil or Zurich. One sings, plays on the harp or the hammer piano, chats in between, exchanges ideas. The time is i

Born in Pozzaglio and grew up in Robecco d’Oglio. Graduated from the violin making school of the hometown (Scuola Statale di Liuteria di Cremona I.P.I.A.L.L.). Restoration with Gimpel Solomon (class

At the age of 10 I took the first violin lessons and played for several years enthusiastically in youth orchestras. As early as 12, I was firmly committed : “I want to become a violinist.”

Baumgartner has been a well known name in violin making circles for more than 80 years. Fritz Baumgartner senior opened his business in Basel in 1920 and was later succeeded by his son, Fritz Baumgart

GEIGENBAU GERNY Born 1969 in Heidenheim (Baden Württemberg, Germany). 1987 to 1990 Geigenbauschule in Mittenwald (Bavaria, Germany). From 1990 to 1996 years of journeys with Hanruedi Hösli (Brienz),

SCHERTLER SA I’d like to take you on a journey through our company history that begins in the early 80s when, as a young man, I decided to realize my passion for electronics and music by creating th

GEIGENBAU J G LEUTHOLD Johannes G. Leuthold is part of a worldwide network of independent top specialists in string instruments and works as a consultant and restorer. Contact Johannes G Leuthold Tel

DANIEL SCHRANZ GEIGENBAUMEISTER Schranz Geigenbau GmbH is a family-owned company based in Thun and has been established by the individual company Daniel Schranz Geigenbaumeister. For more than 30 year

GEIGENBAU SENNHAUSER GMBH Contact Micha Sennhauser Tel +41 41 410 68 55 Fax +41 79 41518 33

JECKLIN & CO AG For over a hundred years, the Jecklin Music Center has been part of Zurich’s cultural life. Embark on a journey into the Zurich past. A time when there was neither radio nor

GEIGENBAU MARCUS WYRSCH From a very small age, I was fascinated by eliciting the most diverse materials. I built fantasy instruments made of boards, shoe boxes and metal pieces. The affinity to the wo