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Whether you are in the market for an instrument, find yourself in need of a repair or restoration… or simply have an appreciation for the violin family, its music or the art of violin making… these pages will hopefully be of interest and provide you with some information about me, my background and violin making in general. So feel free to browse…but most of all please contact me with any questions you might have. Personalized service, tailored to each individual player and instrument is of utmost importance to me and essential in this field. A website cannot address your unique situation, so tell me about that certain sound you’re looking for…or that red violin…or what happened to your cello…

…and keep in mind, “The only stupid question is the one not asked!”

Thanks again for visiting and keep on playing…

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Phone Number +1 303 403 4314
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Address 1991 Glen Ayr Dr, Lakewood, CO 80215, USA
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