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Music was and is a constant in the life of Ann. From childhood she played on violin and piano, she went to concerts. During high school in Sint-Lukas Brussels she chose the direction of Visual Arts. She loved visiting museums and exhibitions. It was the influence of the school, the violin teacher , contact the violin maker. Make a choice in higher education between the image direction or the direction music was difficult. The training violin seemed like a nice marriage between both worlds.


In 1986, Ann, after an entrance test, admitted to the three-year training violin at The Welsh College of Musical Instrument Making and Repair (UK).

After obtaining the diploma violin maker and -hersteller Ann went to work in the violin studio of Pascal Gilis Brussels.

Due to the family, the violin was then put on a while passive. Meanwhile, Ann earned a teaching degree and worked for several years in education. Ann was in the studio violin making her own experiences freshen up at the Ghent Conservatory.

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