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Wilhelm Brückner (violin maker)

Born in Erfurt in 1932, I originally wanted to become a forester, but at the age of fifteen I began a violin-building apprenticeship with master Willi Dölling in Markneukirchen. They worked precisely, but above all quickly. After the test in 1951 I worked in Weimar with violin maker Willi Lindörfer. Time played no role in him, the quality of the new instruments, and in particular the restorations, had absolute priority.

In 1956 I passed the master’s examination and since 1960 I am self-employed and self-employed. At the beginning, I was mainly concerned with restorations and repairs. In 1972 I won the gold medal at the International Violin Competition “Henryk Wieniawski” Poland. I then devoted myself to the new building, especially by violas. The new violas are still my great love!

Regierungsstr 66, ERFURT, 99084, Germany

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